Happy Halloween Month!

It’s crazy to me that a year has passed yet again. When I think back to last October it feels like yesterday. However, looking at the year if changes and challenges and struggles last October feels eons ago, and this month of horror movies feels more necessary than ever.

It’s been ten years that I’ve been doing this marathon. I began watching one horror movie every day in the month of October back in 2012. At that time I hated horror movies. I thought they were trashy drivel cooked up by studios to make easy money. I didn’t like the anxiety and fear they induced within me. However, being a film student at the time a friend challenged me to explore the genre and understand all that it has to offer. I figured that as a good student of film I should at least give it a chance. Ten years later here we are embarking on another 31 day marathon.

Some years I have goals in the marathon. I watch all of a genre, I watch classics, or I watch new movies. this year I want to fill in the gaps on my horror movie check list. I want to hit some famous movies I’ve never seen. I also want to explore some recent releases. There is so much happening in horror right now I just want to see what’s out there. I want to rewatch fewer movies. In years past, I have often leaned on past favorites to bolster me through the tougher parts of the month. This year I want to hit fewer rewatches.

My goal as always is to have fun with this. I enjoy these movies. I love when they’re good and the filmmaking is superb. I love how tension is created and built until it crescendoes within me. I love when they’re bad and the terrible ideas overflow into a tidal wave of trash that makes me laugh.

I hope you join me on this marathon. It’s going to be an interesting month. I’m going to be giving spoiler free and spoiler recaps in each review so watch out for that. I don’t have a predetermined list of movies, I decide each day what I’m in the mood for, so it might be tricky to follow along.

Whether you like horror or not this should be a fun set of reviews. Thanks for joining me and happy horror month everybody!

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