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Wicker Man

This week our hosts look at Wicker Man (2006), where a reclusive lawman, played by Nicholas Cage, travels to a secluded island to search for a girl who has gone missing. Once there, he discovers sinister forces at work among the island’s secretive residents, including strange sexual rituals, a harvest festival and possible human sacrifice.

Stone Cold

After a week off, our hosts return to face Brian Bosworth (aka “The Boz) in Stone Cold, a 1991 undercover cop flick where the hero, John Stone, has all the charisma of the rocks he is named for. Topping off this cinematic slog is a finale action set piece that has not aged well. Listen…

Marked for Death

Against better judgment, our hosts were persuaded to watch a 2nd Steven Seagal film. With a plot that hasn’t aged well, Marked For Death falls flat because of a weak central pillar – Seagal himself.

The Old Guard

We’re updating fantasy. Last week we saw what a fantasy action film from the 80’s looked like. This week we’re taking a look at modern fantasy action. It has a big budget and graphic violence. Listen to discussion to get all our thoughts in this weeks three minute review.

Hawk the Slayer

This week we take a look at an 80’s fantasy story involving some great fantasy concepts, fast pacing and a very fun low budget aesthetic. This charming little film won us over. Will it do the same for you? Listen below to find out.

Masters of the Universe (1987)

There’s a lot to love/hate in this bizarre 80’s fantasy action film. It has incredible production value and a glacial. It has an amazing villain performance, and a terrible hero performance. It has great makeup work and some truly terrible makeup work. It’s a mixed bag for us. Listen to all our thoughts below.

One from the Heart

Heading into the 1980’s Francis Ford Coppola was at the top of his game with massive critical and commercial successes in films such as The Godfather, and Apocalypse Now. He decided to open his own studio and change the way films would be made. He poured his heart, soul, and money into it. The film…


Continuing our series of movies with massive budgets and minimal box office, we look at one of the biggest movies of all time. Is it any good? Is it a fun relic of days gone by? Is it worth a budget bigger than the GDP of a small country? Listen to our discussion below to…

Mortal Engines

 Dazzling CGI can’t cover for a weak plot that hits all the pitfalls that lurk for book adaptations. With a large budget and one of the worst rates-of-return in recent movie memory, this week our hosts dive into what exactly went wrong with Mortal Engines.

Top 5 Good Bad Movies

This week we’re doing something a little different. We’ve had a lot of questions about good bad movies and our favorites, so we decided to make lists of our top five good bad movies for you. These are our current favorites. Movies so bad they’re actually good. Check out our lists and share some of…

Street Fighter

An aversion to action, a slow pace, and one of the best villain performances ever almost make this one worth watching, but it doesn’t quite cut it for us. Listen to our three minute review below.

Idle Hands

This week we took a look at a 1999 stoner horror comedy that neither of us had high hopes for (no pun intended). Surprisingly both Michael and I quite enjoyed it. Check out our three minute review below.


Are you looking for an 80’s fantasy epic? Well this movie is either the worst film you’ll see all year, or a fundamental classic in the fantasy genre. We’re split on this one, check it out our discussion for all the details.

The Lone Ranger

Do you have almost three hours to spare on an inconsistent reboot of a 1950’s property? This might be the movie for you, but we’d recommend avoiding it.

Kong: Skull Island

Are you looking for giant monster mayhem?? Look no further. In honor of Godzilla vs Kong premiering this week we decided to take a look at Kong Skull Island what did we think of this massive monster movie listen below.

Good Bad Movies

There are good movies. There are bad movies. Then there are good bad movies. We watch a lot of this third category. But what you may ask makes for a good bad movie? What is our criteria for this ideal middle ground? Let’s discuss…

Rambo 3

If you’re looking for a massive action extravaganza check out this unbelievable epic with incredible stunt work and some widely dated politics. The movie is as ridiculous as its poster.

The Hurricane Heist

What do you get when you combine Die Hard and a natural disaster film? You get this action heist thriller a solid addition to the good bad movie repertoire.

The Happytime Murders

Oh boy, this was quite a movie. If you ever wanted to see Muppets behaving badly this is going to be your movie. We can’t call it a good movie, but is it a good bad movie worth watching? Check our discussion to find out if it’s your cup of tea.


Here’s a movie I never thought I’d talk about again let alone have to debate. It’s Zombeavers, a horror comedy that one of us thought was definitely worth checking out. Hear our debate below or checking us out on Spotify.

No Holds Barred

We love good bad movies These are movies that are so bad they’re good. They’re movies that are made with enthusiasm but without skill. They are movies that are so misguided that they end up being fun to watch despite their failings. Is this action movie from the 80’s a good bad movie or just…

Deep Blue Sea

What happens when three genetically engineered super sharks are set loose on a slowly sinking aquatic lab? It turns out not much. Hear all our thoughts in this weeks three minute review.


For episode two of our podcast, we selected the 2012 action film, Battleship. If you’re looking for a big dumb action movie with lots of explosions, Battleship just might be the movie for you. 

Reindeer Games

My friend Michael and I have been watching bad movies for years. We’ve decided to share a few of them with you and discuss the highs and lows and let you know if there is anything worth watching in these movies. We recorded our discussion and present it here for you. We keep it brief.…