Fear Street 1666

From its genuinely creepy start to its slam bang finish this is a deeply satisfying and fun horror film that nicely closes out the Fear Street trilogy.

Continuing the series time hopping trend, this film opens in 1666 when The town of Shadyside was little more than a Pilgrim settlement filled with sexual repression and suspicions of witchcraft. This film tells the story of Sarah Fier the witch who has cursed the town of Shadyside and is the cause of all the horror we’ve seen in the previous two films.

This is a fun and effective setting. It shifts gears from the kinetic energy of the first two. Tension is built effectively. There’s some grotesque moments as a blight descends on the crops and livestock in the village. And animosities grow between people until they boil over.

The village is made up of actors from the previous two films, so all the faces are familiar. It’s nice to see these performers back even after some of them may have died in previous installments.

One thing I appreciate about horror is that young actresses are given leading roles in which they get to play something other than the girlfriend. Some times they’re just underwear clad victims but often they get real parts of substance. In the Fear Street films mostly unknown young actors and actresses are given great parts, and they tackle them wonderfully. Kiana Madeira is especially impressive in the dual roles of Sarah and Deena. Olivia Scott Welch was good in the previous but us really good here as Sarah’s best friend and potentially more.

What was most effective for me was the story and how it played out over all three films. The mystery was deepened and finally paid off here. I will enjoy watching these movies again come Halloween and picking up all the clues and pieces I missed. The planting and pay off really is superb here. Plot threads and hints that seemed innocuous in previous come together and prove their importance here. I was delightfully surprised throughout as revelations came to light.

Looking back over the three films, they do feel a bit rushed. They are chalk full of story enough for two movies each at least, but that does keep the pace moving and keep the story flowing. All in all these movies are just a lot of fun. They’re fun horror. They aren’t too scary, they aren’t too intense. They are violent and bloody, but not too bad. I realize that recommending horror movies is like recommending hot sauce. Everyone has different taste and what one considers fiery hot is mild to someone else. I watch a lot of horror, so take my recommendation like you would a hot sauce recommendation.

Good storytelling, great performances, a breakneck pace, and a really satisfying conclusion make this one of my favorite series in recent memory. It won’t be for everyone, but it might just be the right amount of fun for you.

This movie is my cup of tea. The Fear Street series is my cup of tea. 1666 – A- Fear Street -A-

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