Love Wedding Repeat

The latest Netflix original movie is a very funny movie that stumbles in its plot and execution, but remains a very fun movie experience for your Sunday afternoon.

The film is set on one eventful wedding day. Jack, played by Sam Claflin, is always trying to do what’s right for those around him and never follows his own desires. He wants to reconnect with Dina, played by Olivia Munn, an American friend of his sister Hayley, played by Eleanor Tomlinson, on her wedding day. Things go wrong when Hayley’s ex shows up high on cocaine and ready to ruin the wedding.

The cast is filled out with delightful British actors playing wonderfully absurd characters. Irish comedienne and actress Aisling Bea is fantastic as a woman who says the wrong thing every time she opens her mouth. Tim Key is cringe worthy as a boring man who never shuts up. He is hilarious every time he’s on screen. My favorite though is Bryan played by Joel Fry. He is the idiot friend who wants to impress a movie director. He gets drugged at one point and the way he plays these scenes is unbelievably funny.

The antics and character moments build to a fever pitch in which someone is thrown off a balcony. Then the movie pauses and says there are many different ways this could have played out. The movie then plays alternate versions of the day. This is the conceit of the movie. It shows how the movie could play out in various alternate timelines. The problem is that the movie stands too much time in the first half setting up these characters and the antics. The alternate versions feels like too little too late. It feels as if the filmmakers forgot to add that in and just kind of shove it in awkwardly even though the movie had really good momentum and energy building up to it and the interruption just kind of ruins that energy. This is so unfortunate because the movie is absolutely great until this moment. This strange decision really knocks it down a peg or two.

That said, the cast is wonderful across the board. Everyone has a moment to shine. These characters are drawn so well that every interaction is packed with good moments. Eleanor Tomlinson avoids the cliche of the stressed out maniac nightmare bride. Sam Claflin plays the nice guy brother with more nuance than that type usually gets. Even the broader more comic characters get moments of reality and compassion. Aisling Bea and Joel Fry have a wonderful heart to heart moment. And Tim Key has one of the most touching moments I’ve seen in a long time showing how much his character grows over the movie.

In spite of problematic plotting the movie has so much to offer. It is a lot of fun and is definitely worth watching in spite of its flaws. My cup of tea – B+

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