Join Me For a Cup

What could be better than talking about movies over a cup of tea? On this site, I will endeavor to share my take on moves. I invite you to pour yourself a cup and consider my opinions as you decide what movie to spend your time on.

I’m launching this enterprise in connection with the recently announced 91st Academy Award nominations. I will offer my reviews for each film in each major category, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting, and Best Writing.

This theme seemed an appropriate place to start. However, I will be offering more than just a take on the new releases or the high falutin’ artsy movies playing in obscure theaters. I will have three categories of movie reviews. New Releases, Classics, and Catchups.

New releases will be whatever movie is premiering on Friday of that week.

Classics will be any movie released over 30 years ago. These might be random or follow a theme. A theme will be announced at the start of the month.

Catchups will be any movie that has been out for a while. A week old or a few years old. These might also have a theme that will be announced.

My goal is to write and post a review for each category each week. That’s three reviews a week.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Pour a cup and get ready for a lot of movie talk.

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