Spike Lee

I have been exploring the work of Spike Lee. I’ve watched his filmography in order and offered up reviews of his work.

Malcolm X

This is one of the most effective and visceral movies I’ve ever seen. It is a vividly realized depiction of a great man’s life anchored by an astonishing performance from Denzel Washington. A little history before we dive into the movie. Malcolm X was one of the primary figures in the Civil Rights movement of … Continue reading Malcolm X

Jungle Fever

Getting back into Spike Lee’s filmography we return with Jungle Fever. This is a movie with moments of transcendent greatness that falls short in its execution. Spike Lee followed up Mo’ Better Blues with Jungle Fever. Mo’ Better Blues was not a big hit at the box office and received mixed response from critics. Most … Continue reading Jungle Fever

Mo’ Better Blues

Spike Lee’s fourth film is a celebration of music and color. It features a stellar performance from Denzel Washington, thrilling music, and an exciting use of color. Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing premiered at Cannes in 1989. It was met with massive controversy. People believed it would cause race riots and violence. People objected … Continue reading Mo’ Better Blues

Do the Right Thing

This is one of those big movies that carries the heavy reputation of being”important!” I was pleasantly surprised to discover a movie brimming with rich characters, delightful filmmaking, and a wildly entertaining energy all in the service of a very serious subject matter. Following the commercial success of School Daze, Spike Lee looked to current … Continue reading Do the Right Thing

School Daze

Spike Lee’s second feature film is a wild musical comedy that is disjointedbut also invigorating, refreshing and honest. When Spike Lee first attempted to conquer Hollywood he did so with a script. He went to every studio that would meet with him with a script about college life on historically black college campuses. Everyone rejected … Continue reading School Daze

She’s Gotta Have It

Thirty four years ago Spike Lee burst onto the scene with his feature directorial debut. She’s Gotta Have It is a narrative breath of fresh air. It bursts with invention and excitement. It’s a messy sometimes dated movie that remains engaging and entertaining all these years later. Born in Atlanta as Shelton Jackson Lee, Spike … Continue reading She’s Gotta Have It