Three Minute Reviews

My friend Michael and I review an entire movie in the time it takes you to brew a cup of tea.

Idle Hands

This week we took a look at a 1999 stoner horror comedy that neither of us had high hopes for (no pun intended). Surprisingly both Michael and I quite enjoyed it. Check out our three minute review below.


Are you looking for an 80’s fantasy epic? Well this movie is either the worst film you’ll see all year, or a fundamental classic in the fantasy genre. We’re split on this one, check it out our discussion for all the details.

The Lone Ranger

Do you have almost three hours to spare on an inconsistent reboot of a 1950’s property? This might be the movie for you, but we’d recommend avoiding it.

Kong: Skull Island

Are you looking for giant monster mayhem?? Look no further. In honor of Godzilla vs Kong premiering this week we decided to take a look at Kong Skull Island what did we think of this massive monster movie listen below.

Good Bad Movies

There are good movies. There are bad movies. Then there are good bad movies. We watch a lot of this third category. But what you may ask makes for a good bad movie? What is our criteria for this ideal middle ground? Let’s discuss…

Rambo 3

If you’re looking for a massive action extravaganza check out this unbelievable epic with incredible stunt work and some widely dated politics. The movie is as ridiculous as its poster.

The Hurricane Heist

What do you get when you combine Die Hard and a natural disaster film? You get this action heist thriller a solid addition to the good bad movie repertoire.

The Happytime Murders

Oh boy, this was quite a movie. If you ever wanted to see Muppets behaving badly this is going to be your movie. We can’t call it a good movie, but is it a good bad movie worth watching? Check our discussion to find out if it’s your cup of tea.


Here’s a movie I never thought I’d talk about again let alone have to debate. It’s Zombeavers, a horror comedy that one of us thought was definitely worth checking out. Hear our debate below or checking us out on Spotify.

No Holds Barred

We love good bad movies These are movies that are so bad they’re good. They’re movies that are made with enthusiasm but without skill. They are movies that are so misguided that they end up being fun to watch despite their failings. Is this action movie from the 80’s a good bad movie or just … Continue reading No Holds Barred