Three Minute Reviews

My friend Michael and I review an entire movie in the time it takes you to brew a cup of tea.

Fear (1996)

This week our hosts take a look at a teen thriller from 1996 starring a very young Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg. This movie has some great moments and a strong execution. It also has a really big plot twist that threatens to throw the whole thing into chaos. Check out our three minute review … Continue reading Fear (1996)

The Tomorrow War

Our hosts selected a recent film this week in The Tomorrow War, released in 2021. With a blend of sci-fi action with a side of drama, this picture split our hosts’ reviews by the slimmest of margins.


This week we take a look at one of the stranger movies we’ve seen. It’s a bizarre 1974 art house science-fantasy film famous for Sean Connery’s revealing costume. We recorded outside next to a lovely campfire, so you’ll hear plenty of crickets and the crackle of the fire in the background.

The Suicide Squad (2021)

Violent, bloody, hilarious, and surprisingly heartwarming, this film is light years ahead of its predecessor. I really enjoyed this one and encourage you to check it out while you can. Written and directed by James Gunn, this film is weird kind of sequel to Suicide Squad from 2016 directed by David Ayer and bunch of … Continue reading The Suicide Squad (2021)

Hawk the Slayer

This week we take a look at an 80’s fantasy story involving some great fantasy concepts, fast pacing and a very fun low budget aesthetic. This charming little film won us over. Will it do the same for you? Listen below to find out.

One from the Heart

Heading into the 1980’s Francis Ford Coppola was at the top of his game with massive critical and commercial successes in films such as The Godfather, and Apocalypse Now. He decided to open his own studio and change the way films would be made. He poured his heart, soul, and money into it. The film … Continue reading One from the Heart


Continuing our series of movies with massive budgets and minimal box office, we look at one of the biggest movies of all time. Is it any good? Is it a fun relic of days gone by? Is it worth a budget bigger than the GDP of a small country? Listen to our discussion below to … Continue reading Waterworld

Mortal Engines

 Dazzling CGI can’t cover for a weak plot that hits all the pitfalls that lurk for book adaptations. With a large budget and one of the worst rates-of-return in recent movie memory, this week our hosts dive into what exactly went wrong with Mortal Engines.

Top 5 Good Bad Movies

This week we’re doing something a little different. We’ve had a lot of questions about good bad movies and our favorites, so we decided to make lists of our top five good bad movies for you. These are our current favorites. Movies so bad they’re actually good. Check out our lists and share some of … Continue reading Top 5 Good Bad Movies

Street Fighter

An aversion to action, a slow pace, and one of the best villain performances ever almost make this one worth watching, but it doesn’t quite cut it for us. Listen to our three minute review below.

Idle Hands

This week we took a look at a 1999 stoner horror comedy that neither of us had high hopes for (no pun intended). Surprisingly both Michael and I quite enjoyed it. Check out our three minute review below.